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Two of the ultimate best ways of combating signs of premature ageing...

80% of the skins damage is external not genetic! This includes smoking, alcohol, sun damage, cold weather exposure, stress and lack of skincare routine. 


Moisturise morning and night!

Our skin is the largest living organ of our body so we shouldn't forget to feed it topically with nourishing, moisturising products. Lack of moisture results in dull, sagging lifeless skin, this increasing fine lines and wrinkles. 


Use a UV Protection daily! 

When the temperatures are cooler we don't associate it with UV damage however UVA are the damaging rays present all year round with the sun lower in winter, that cannot be felt on the skin and these are the rays that damage skin cells causing ageing. Check your moisturiser or foundation contains a UV protection or you can buy a separate UV layer to apply over your moisturiser.



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